Loycha - Loyalty and Rewards System

Loycha is a mobile Wallet (e-wallet) where you can easily download and start earning Loycha (our virtual currency called LOY) from our Partners. Then you can easily spend your Loycha in all of our partners for purchasing goods and services through your mobile phone app.

Loycha - Android Application - First IllustrationLoycha - Android Application - Second Illustration
Why Loycha is a game changer in loyalty?

15 Solutions to 15 problems loyalties have.

We are engineers. We solve problems. Below you can find 15 problems and 15 solutions to these problems propossed from our side.

Expiring points in loyalty systems

In Loycha, points never expire. Use them anytime you want.

You spend a lot in loyalties but return is small

In loycha, we require our partners to give more percentage to customers. So you can win more.

Limited products and services when paying with points/miles

In Loycha we offer unlimited products and services you can exchange with our coin.

Restricted or limited transfer of points/miles

You can transfer your coins, points/miles earned in an unrestricted and unlimited transfers to any wallet.


Earn coins with Loycha

As a Loycha user, you'll have multiple options to win coins. Some examples of receving coins are listed below:

  • Spending money in partners

  • Marketing campaigns from partner companies

  • Inviting friends to join the system

  • Receiving funds from others directly

  • Borrowing coins

  • Becoming Brand Ambassador

loycha win coins illustration
loycha spend coins illustration

Spend coins with Loycha

Users will be able to spend Loycha coins on all industries: Travel, Hotels, Car Rentals, Insurance, Health, Tourism, Shopping and entertainment, Telecommunication, Fuel, Education, Energy, Drugstore and grocery, Dining, Energy etc.

  • Spending money in partners

  • Marketing campaigns from partner companies

  • Inviting friends to join the system

  • Receiving funds from others directly

  • Borrowing coins

  • Becoming Brand Ambassador

What does Loycha offers?

Loycha Features

Loycha offers tons of features that will make users shopping activities much easier.

Loycha - Online ownership of Data will belong to customers
Online ownership of Data will belong to customers

Customers will have full control over data and choose what data partners can access.

Loycha - Sports Teams engage with fans
Sports Teams engage with fans

Enabling helpful donations for teams to receive funds from their fans.

Loycha - Companies engage with employee
Companies engage with employee

Creating wallets in Loycha and this will enable companies to invite their employee to join the loyalty platform and be part of the company.

Loycha - Gamification and Badges
Gamification and Badges

We will make the participation an easy process but also challenging so people don not get bored and feel the sense of achievement and users will be rewarded for their participation.

Loycha - Location based services
Location based services

When an app user is nearby a partner store, they will get notified for special campaigns that are personalised to them.

Loycha - Improving Store Experience with Beacon
Improving Store Experience with Beacon

Loycha will enable partners to inform nearby people with smart phone about their products on sale, about promotions, discounts etc.

Loycha - Mobile Payment with Loycha
Mobile Payment with Loycha

Use Loycha as mobile payment in all partner shops. They will be able to pay for any product or service at the partner without having to use cash or credit cards.

Loycha - Social Media Integration
Social Media Integration

Our integration with social media will allow users to easily create accounts on Loycha and win coins based on their activities there.

Loycha - Security Icon


We will spend a part of our income and funds for taking precaution for security. You will be able to see more details on spending chart on this paper.

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Loycha - Roadmap Icon

Creative and intellegent team members with each of 10+ years international experience, well-known and influencing advisors in different kind of industries.

Loycha - Business Model Icon

Business model

Loycha will generate revenues, purely and simply from transactions that consumers make at Loycha Partner establishments, by charging the merchants a small transaction fee.

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A wallet that will make payments easier.

Loycha wallet (MVP)

A minimum viable product that we have currently released as a showcase to what we are building.
All loycha features will be connected to Loycha wallet app. Which in near feature we will be releasing all other features step by step.

In a current mvp, you can create a user in blockchain, spend coins, earn coins and also you can confirm transactions in stellar network.

Loycha - Social Responsibility - 5% yearly donation Illustration
Social Responsibility

5% yearly donation
of net profit

Loycha is not just using social responsibility as marketing campaign. We promise that we will donate every year 5% of the company’s net profit to different charity programs, or we will directly invest this amount in social projects like: opening water-wells, sending food to families in need, covering living expenses of orphans etc (we will not be limited only to these, we just wanted to name some of them). Because we strongly believe that “the more you give, the more you get”.

Loycha - Social Responsibility - Zero Fee for Charity and Donations Illustration
Fee for transfers

0% Fee for transfers to Charity and Donations

Loycha is also about helping others that help different causes. Charities, NGOs and Foundations ( non profit ones ), like Non-Governmental Organisations, Health Charities, Education Charities, Environmental Charities, Child Sponsorship Organizations, etc will be able to use our wallet and receive donations for free. There will not be any transfer fee for these donations (except the gas fee which is required for stellar blockchain in transactions and is very very small).

Funds Allocation

More on Funds allocationLoycha Funds Allocation Image
  • 50% Product Development

    Product development according to the roadmap.

  • 25% Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition

    Expenses for attracting the retailers to the platform, making partnerships with payment providers, website builders, loyalty programs services providers etc.

  • 10% Integration and security

    We will spend a part of our income and funds for taking precaution for security.

  • 10% Partnerships

    Expenses for acquiring new partners.

  • 5% Legal and others

    Company and subsidiaries establishment, contracts with the retailers, development of legal opinions about the entire stack of Loycha services and retailers’ operations, etc.


Our Roadmap

A huge roadmap that will be very hard and challenging for us. Feedbacks collected from different user prespectives that we will try to achieve and make loycha functional and easy-to-use for users.

December, 2018Register the company legaly in Kosovo
We have registered the legal company in Kosovo where we operate as all other companies and pay taxes to Kosovo Goverment. Details can be found here.
Januar-May, 2019Develop working MVP in Test Stellar Network
Background blockchain technology of Loycha is based on Stellar. We have developed an android and ios application which you can test the minimum viable product.
June, 2019Test MVP
We've tested the MVP applications in both platforms and with multiple quality assurance users that we acquired feedback from.
August-December, 2019Sign Contracts with Partners
We have showed the MVP and we have achieved to sign contracts with partners that will be our early adapters of Loycha system.
January-March, 2020Develop the working Alfa of the application
Develop the stable working mobile app of Loycha for both Android and IOS.
July-September, 2020Go live with Loycha
In the moment we do have launch partners from different industries and we will continue growing this number to satisfied levels.We plan to be live with them soon on Q3 2020.