Improving store experience with beacons.

Loycha will provide to its partners with some small devices called Beacons (which you can read more details below), which will enable partners to inform nearby people with smart phone about their products on sale, about promotions, discounts, or about everything they find important for their business.

loycha feature beacon graph
Profit from all customers around the globe

What are beacons?

A beacon is a device that communicates with a shopper’s smartphone in a bid to improve their in-store experience. Beacons allow mobile apps on both iOS and Android to “listen” for beacon signals in the physical world and then react accordingly. Essentially, this means that beacon technology provides an understanding of a device’s location on a very micro level — it can be specific down to a single store aisle, for example — and then the beacon can communicate with a mobile app to deliver relevant content to customers based on their location. The technology that allows for this exchange is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).