Becoming Brand Ambassadors

We always welcome people who like our idea and share our passion and think that they can contribute to further evolve and spread our vision.

Loycha - Become a brand amabassador image
Why become an ambassador?

What will ambassadors do?

We have created the Ambassadors Program to enable people who are interested to join us and also further spread our vision, not only by being a part of something big that will change the worlds loyalty, but also profit from this.

Basically they will be the people who create events and organize things in the name of Loycha. See a shortlist of description below

  • Post about our products/services online (e.g. social media and forums)
  • Create, share and respond to online reviews
  • Participate in trade shows as a spokesperson for our company
  • Network and build trusting relationships with potential customers
  • Thoroughly understand our products and services to inform potential customers
  • Use word-of-mouth marketing techniques, like referring our company to friends
  • Monitor online comments and respond or forward to the Marketing department
  • Assist in organizing marketing events
  • Track customers’ preferences and suggest advertising and positioning ideas
  • Provide feedback to the Marketing and Product departments regarding customers’ requests

If you want to join us, please write us on ambassadors[at]