Becoming partner company with Loycha

Access users that they won’t be able to access through their loyalty system, meaning tons of new users.

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Why become a partner?

Benefits of becoming our partner

Below you can find a features list of Loycha partner program.

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Profit from all users around the globe

No cost, free partnership.

As can be seen throughout the paper, you will have lots of benefits by becoming a Loycha partner. The first important reason, is that it will be free, meaning you don’t have to pay a fee to become partner. Another important reason is that you won’t need to drop your current loyalty system and install ours. Loycha will be a side loyalty extension for your loyalty system and will bring you new profit channels and worldwide users all around the globe. This will give you a chance to increase your company loyal users, increase the profits.

Loycha Graphic Access new customers

Access new customers

This will allow partner companies to access users that they won’t be able to access through their loyalty system, meaning tons of new users.

Loycha Graphic Large partner network

Large partner network

They will become part of a very large global partner network around the globe without doing any agreement.

Loycha Graphic Easy integration

Easy integration

Through REST API companies will be able to easily integrate Loycha to their working Loyalty.

Loycha Graphic Reducing Costs

Reducing Costs

Loycha enables partner companies to reduce their maintenance cost of the loyalty and new users engagement and retaining current user database. Also with intelligence marketing tools (please see our new way of marketing), they will be a part of win win model where they won’t spend money with blind eyes to marketing campaigns, but instead, they will reward their users for their marketing.They will use also our application to send notifications to users.

Mobile Application

The partners will be part of the Mobile applications which enable users easily interact with them and give them real time knowledge and easy access to their accounts, balances, make easy transfers, donations, etc.

Work with popular currencies

Partner Companies will spend and receive Loycha coins but they will be able to automatically convert to currencies like USD or EUR, So they won’t lose anything and they will continue to operate also with their local currency at background level. For more details see the technical description part in whitepaper.

Big Data Analytics.

Partner Companies will be able to examine large and varied data sets to uncover market trends, customer preferences, unknown correlations which will help them to do better decisions and better marketing or even cross marketing. If they are airline company, they will also be able to analyze other user behaviors like their shopping behavior, sports, charities, interests etc.

Sales by year
  • $4.302.050

    Total Revenue

  • $327,76

    Revenue today

  • $12.000

    Revenue this month

  • $111.231

    Revenue this year

Very fast transactions.

After studying many blockchain infrastructures that have a proven work and stability, we have decided to use Stellar Network as our underlying blockchain technology. A simple reason for that is: Secure, fast (3-5 seconds verification of transactions) and cheap (around 50 cent for 10.000 transactions).

New way of marketing and advertising.
WIN-WIN model

We are all used to traditional marketing. Companies pay middlemen, middlemen find customers (target audience) for the company, and customers are (most of the time) exposed to unwanted advertisements. We are here to change this for the better and positive for Partner Companies and for customers in a WIN-WIN system.

For Partner Companies: These days companies use for example Facebook for their marketing. They enter Facebook, create a campaign, select their target audience, select the amount they want to spend per click, or per view or per like or per message, etc. and then they pay Facebook for their advertisement.

Own your adverts.

Create your marketing campaign with easy UI .

With Loycha, partner companies will create their marketing campaign with an easy to use UI with more available filters (which will enable cross-marketing and more personalized marketing) and they will bid with our custom marketing algorithm and ​money will be paid automatically to customers (target audience) using Smart Contracts​​. 80% of fees will be paid to customers for clicking the advertisements, downloading something or doing a similar job that is marketed.

What about customers profit from this?

Customers are engaged to click on your ads.

This way of marketing will enable customers to earn extra money. Customers will also be able to select how many times (frequency) they want to receive paid advertisements, in which way, from which partners. This will give full control to them and will enable them to fully have personalized marketing for their needs as customers best know what they want to be served.

Apply for partnership, let's join our forces.

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