Zero fees for transfers
to Charity and Donations.

"Our true acquisitions lie only in our charities, we get only as we give."
by: William Simms

Charity and donations illustration

As mentioned earlier, Loycha will enable receiving free donations for Charities, NGOs and Foundations (nonprofits). There will be no transfer fees for these donations (except the gas fee which is required for stellar blockchain in transactions and is very very small). It will be enough for the charities and others to validate their activity with legal papers to us.

Customers also will be able to donate their coins to the organisations they believe they can contribute to because in normal life customers don’t go to a charity and donate 20 cents, but in Loycha, they will be able to do so as ​“many a little makes a mickle”.

People with health problems that cannot pay their treatment will be able to open special wallets (which will need to be verified by Loycha) and request coins from their friends and family members and their network which will enable free transfers for them too.