Loycha - Gamification and Badges

Gamification and Badges

Integration of game mechanics into a non-game environment.

Loycha - Gamification and Badges Illustration

"Gamification can be described as the integration of game mechanics into a non-game environment in order to give it a game-like feel (Deterding et al. 2011). The essential purpose behind designing and implementing gamification within different types of services or applications (e.g., customer-oriented applications and online services) is to increase the customer's engagement, enjoyment and also loyalty"

As mentioned in definition of year 2012, the term gamification and its advantages is used a lot but not any loyalty platform is really applying, counting on it. We are creating an engagement platform for loyalty members and companies in which both parts will be entertained and profitable. As mentioned on social media integration feature we are making it social. We will make the participation an easy process but also challenging so people don't get bored but feel a sense of achievement and customers will be rewarded for their participation.

In the gamification process , Loycha will have friendly competitions using leaderboards and badges which we will mention the achievements of customers and enabling them procress tracking. Using smart contracts, companies will be able to create smart and easy to understand tasks so customers don't have to think a lot on what they have to do and how they need to do to complete those.