How and where to spend coins with Loycha?

With Loycha, customers will have the opportunity to spend money everywhere, with every service or product of our partners. There will be no limitations. This means that customers will buy products or services in the same way as they purchase with their money9. Blockchain will also enable customers to redeem coins near real-time without having to wait hours or days to do so.

loycha spend coins illustration
  • Travel

  • Hotels

  • Car Rentals

  • Insurance

  • Tourism

  • Shopping and Entertainment

  • Telecommunication

  • Fuel

  • and more...

One of the innovation that we are bringing to Loyalty is described best with our motto: “ Win everywhere, spend everywhere”. Currently, users win points or miles (as described on airlines loyalties) by spending money on their products or services.But when it comes to spend them, users have very limited places where they can spend. Some airlines even limit the number of tickets that users can buy with points/miles so in an airplane with 200 seats they allow only 4 of the seats to be sold with coins or miles collected. Another issue is that they have limited number of partners like car rental, hotels and other airlines too so users are very limited with the places where they can spend.

Customers will be able to spend Loycha coins with all industries: Travel, Hotels, Car Rentals, Insurance, Health,Tourism,Shoppingandentertainment,Telecommunication,Fuel,Education, Energy, Drugstore and grocery, Dining, Energy etc.

We will be starting to share our partner list in near future on our website.