Loycha - Sports Teams engage with fans

Sports Team

Teams availability to engage with their fans, option to receive funds etc. Every team will have a skin for their mobile app and team badge will be provided to.

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Loycha - Sports Teams engage with fans graph 2
Profit from all users around the globe

Teams engage with fans.

Loycha will enable all sport teams to engage with their fans all over the world. At the same time they will be able to stay in touch with them and also be able to receive funds from their fans.

Sport teams will create SPORT TEAM WALLET and create relationships with their fans using smart contracts which will enable them to get funds from their fan purchases all around the world. Let's say the team will define a 5% funds rule. Based on this rule, every fan that joins the team on the Loycha will accept automatically to donate 5% of their Loycha coins to their team. So team will be able to use them for any case. Also with gamification rules, the team fans will be more engaged by top fan of the day/month/year etc based on their contributions.

Sport Fans will be able to benefit from different bonuses provided to them through Loycha. They will be able to benefit from ticket sales, team dress purchases, signature events, etc depending on the imaginations of Sport Teams.