How to win coins with Loycha?

As a loycha user, you'll have multiple options to win coins. Some examples of receving coins are listed below.

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Spending money in partners

For every cent spent on partner companies, the users will win coins and will be able to spend in every other partner company.

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Marketing campaigns from partner companies

By fulfilling specific tasks on partners like clicking on an advertisement, reading or sharing something on app, or downloading an application or transferring a package somewhere, or by making checkins on partners store, etc, user will win coins for all these kind of activities.

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Inviting friends to join the system

Using our referral system, users who invite others to join our blockchain application will win coins for being our goodwill ambassadors

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Receiving funds from others directly

Users will be able to transfer coins to each others very easily using transfer coin part of or application. By doing so users will be able to get new coins from their friends and never will need to get worried if they don’t have enough coins to receive an award.

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Borrowing coins

We are first in the world to provide borrowing coins mechanism to users. Using Smart Contracts, users will be able to borrow coins from their friends, family members or the people they know. So they will not need to go out and seek for funds. Once they agree on terms and conditions of Smart Contract, the coin transfer will appear immediately and once the Smart Contract is reached and there are enough funds on borrowers wallet, the coins will be transferred automatically.

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Becoming Brand Ambassador

Users who are influencers in their network, or think they can help us grow our community, by doing goodwill jobs in the name of our brand will be able to win coins in return.

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Trading coins in Exchanges

As Loycha is going to be a cryptocurrency that is able to be traded among exchanges, users will be able to earn funds by trading the coins that they have. This will enable them to earn using FIAT in exchanges.