5% of net profit will be donated.

One of the most basic human traits is the desire to support other people in need. While Loycha aims to provide additional consumer benefits to customers from every demographic, there are those less fortunate who are fundamental living needs are not being met.

Loycha Yearly Donation Graphic

  • Every one person out of 10 cannot reach to clean water in the world.
  • Around one-ninth of the World population is hungry
  • The orphan population of the World is around 400 million.

Loycha will donate 5% of the company’s net profit every year, to different charity programs​​, ​or we will directly invest this amount in social projects like ​opening water-wells, sending food to families in need, covering living expenses of orphans etc. We strongly believe that “​the more you give, the more you get”​​.

If you feel like us and share the same feelings for charities and people in need, and you don't want to donate but you want to do this on your way, there is a good article which describes 129 Great Examples of Community Service Projects by Christine Sarikas.